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Making your vehicle sounding great

If you want to change the sound of your vehicle or just quiet a faulty muffler, Dave's American Lifetime Muffler has the solution for you! We work on any make or model and both foreign and domestic vehicles.

 •  Stock exhaust systems

 •  High performance mufflers

 •  Cat-back dual exhaust

 •  Stainless steel tips

 •  Custom exhaust systems

 •  Pipe bending

 •  Catalytic converters

Come in for your muffler service

Dave's American Lifetime Muffler specializes in mufflers and exhaust systems. We have a pipe bender in our shop that makes doing custom work quicker for you.


If you have a question regarding any ideas you may have for your vehicles, be sure to call 607-733-2427 or visit Dave's American Lifetime Muffler and get your free exhaust system quote.

Get custom work here!

Keep your vehicle sounding good


Making you as loud or as quiet as you want to be and offering a lifetime warranty!

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